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Original Article - Pathology

: 15 : 8

Citation : Ömeroğlu E, Uğur Kılınç AN. Duodenal IgE and mast cells changes in diabetes mellitus patients Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):1-5.

Original Article - Emergency Medicine

: 8 : 9

Citation : Yakar Ş, Baykan N, İpekten F, Çakır YE. Information and approaches of emergency department physicians in the Cappadocia region regarding the preparation of forensic reports. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):6-10.

: 50 : 28

Citation : Durak C, Şahin C. Association between red blood cell transfusion and mortality in critically ill children: a single-center pediatric intensive care experience. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):11-16.

Original Article - Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

: 7 : 7

Citation : Doymaz F, Çakır Ö, Telli Atalay O, Özkeskin M, Şenol H. The relationship between physical activity and self-esteem among Turkish university students: a gender perspective; a multidisciplinary and multi-center study. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):17-22.

Original Article - Chest Diseases

: 7 : 10

Citation : Ayhan Albayrak G, Bardakçı Mİ. Investigation of the treatment and follow-up approaches of pregnant with asthma. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):23-28.

Original Article - Pediatrics

Clinical profiles in pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus: a retrospective study

: 9 : 6

Citation : Kılınç Uğurlu A, Gülfem Özlü S, Kargın Çakıcı E, et al. Clinical profiles in pediatric systemic lupus erythematosus: a retrospective study. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):29-37.

Original Article - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Effect of different DMARD use on the frequency of urinary infection in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

: 6 : 6

Citation : Adar S, Taşgın MR, Dündar Ü, et al. Effect of different DMARD use on the frequency of urinary infection in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):38-43.

Original Article - Gastroenterology

: 46 : 24

Citation : Güven İE, Doğan İ. Retrospective analysis of polyps detected in colonoscopy and investigation of the relationship with anemia. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):44-47.

Original Article - Internal Medicine

: 7 : 9

Citation : Şen Uzeli Ü, Başaran PÖ. Pan-immune inflammation value as a biomarker in ankylosing spondilitis and associated with disease activity. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):48-54.

Original Article - Emergency Medicine

: 6 : 17

Citation : Özel M, Çetinkaya R, Tatlıparmak AC, Yılmaz S, Ak R. Adolescent patients presenting to the emergency department due to falls from heights: a comparative analysis of suicidal and non-suicidal cases. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):55-58.

Original Article - Neurology

: 5 : 6

Citation : Eliaçık S, Büyükşireci M. Asymptomatic COVID-19 and structural changes in the brain. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):59-64.

: 7 : 6

Citation : Çiftel S, Gürbüzer N. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the diabetic population: relationship with metabolic syndrome and atherogenic index of plasma. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):65-72.

Original Article - Cardiology

: 8 : 10

Citation : Çetinkaya Z, Keleşoğlu Ş, Gökay F, Yılmaz Y. Evaluation of Tp-e interval, Tp-e/QT, and Tp-e/QTc ratio in primary hyperparathyroidism before and after parathyroidectomy. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):73-79.

: 35 : 11

Citation : Sayın M. Using hormonotherapy in breast cancer and its relationship with metabolic syndrome. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):80-86.

: 5 : 6

Citation : Erdoğan A, Genç Ö. Temporal alterations in P-wave electrocardiographic metrics post patent foramen ovale closure: a retrospective study. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):87-92.

: 6 : 8

Citation : Karslıoğlu M, Olpak Yılmaz M. Exploring the nexus: prevalence, risk factors, and clinical correlations of urinary tract infections in diabetes mellitus patients - a comprehensive retrospective analysis. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):93-96.

: 7 : 6

Citation : Meşe İ, Kuzan BN, Kuzan T. ChatGPT in medical writing: enhancing healthcare communication through artificial intelligence and human expertise. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):97-104.

Case Report - Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Enchondroma of acromion: case report of an unusual tumor location

: 5 : 15

Citation : Aydın Şimşek Ş, Cengiz T, Yurtbay A, Coskun HS, Dabak N. Enchondroma of acromion: case report of an unusual tumor location. Anatolian Curr Med J. 2024;6(1):105-107.